This Is My Happening: Artwork by David Rhoden

About David Rhoden

I got interested in doing art when I got a job where Post-its were plentiful.
I scribbled and scribbled and left them everywhere and one day a co-worker who was a real, working illustrator said "These are good. You should keep doing them".

A few years passed and I drew the face of a luchador on an index card and wrote a note by it that said "MAKE BIGGER". I asked a friend how to do that and he said he'd bring a jigsaw over. I was confused; I thought a jigsaw was a big apparatus. I was thinking of a band saw.

Anyway, I traced the luchador head onto some wood and cut it out with the jigsaw, and painted it. My friend bought the finished piece and I became a professional artist that day. As far as I know, I haven't stopped.