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About the artwork

 I don't have an artist's statement. If you like the way this art looks you probably already know you like it. I don't think there's anything I can say to convince you.

Unless the description says something way different, the paintings on this site are done in the medium of sign painter's enamel on shaped plywood. Sign painter's enamel is a long-lasting oil based paint that is made to go on on a vertical or horizontal surface and not drip. (Imagine you were standing on a sixty-foot scaffold lettering a sign on a windy day and you can see why this would be a good quality for your paint to have.) It is supposed to last twenty-five years if left out in the rain and snow. The brands I use are One-Shot and Ronan.

The plywood varies pretty widely based on what's on sale. I occasionally use found plywood, I'll mention it if so. Usually I use 3/4" plywood, I'll mention it if it's otherwise.

Prints are silkscreen ink on Strathmore 140lb mixed media paper.



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